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Are your blinds or curtains looking a bit tired due to dirt and stains?

How long has it been since you last had them cleaned?

Is your health at risk due to dusty or even worse mold spores impregnating your blinds and curtains.

At National Capital Blinds we can advise and help with all your cleaning.


Are your blinds in need of attention due to broken mechanism’s?

Have your blinds broken or perishing cords that need replacement?

Having difficulty opening and closing your curtains?

Are your curtain tracks in need of repair?

Is the stitching coming adrift from your pleats?

At National Capital Blinds we can advise and help with all your repairs.


Here at National Capital Blinds we pride ourselves on giving sound advise to our clients.

If we consider the cleaning or repairs of blinds and curtains beyond economical, or an unsatisfactory result may occur, we can advise you on what other options are available to you.

We can supply and install new blinds and curtains.


If you have a rental investment property, the choices you make when it comes to your window furnishing can and will affect your investment if you don’t seek the right advice.

Call today for a free quote or for some advice for all your window furnishing needs.